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assistant in crypto trading

Aggregator order books and trades of the biggest exchanges:

Show information which inaccessible to other traders with chic, brilliance and practical benefits.

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Top exchanges


Trading pairs


Data stream


Customizable settings

Available modes

Now imagine when everything you need in one place and format

Get important insider information about large blocks and trades which no exchanges will show.

  • Maximum order book depth
  • Smart data filtration
  • 7 top exchanges and all liquid pairs
  • Data in real time
  • Simple convenient and flexible interface
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Do you want to watch for borders 1 exchange?

Get the global view on major exchanges simultaneously and find out the mood of large traders.

  • Selection from 7 exchanges and all liquid pairs
  • Up to 4 order books on the one screen
  • Independent flexible settings
  • Dynamic display of current prices
  • Data will continue update automatically after any failure with your connection.
  • Great solution for using on a separate monitor
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Here is going magic of numbers and probabilities

Determining the maximum and minimum prices for today. Dynamics of price changes. Also the largest historical resource.

  • Calculation of average volatility for 3 periods
  • Graphic block of the expected price for today
  • All historical data since 2013
  • Daily information update
  • Sort data by any parameters
  • 7 top exchanges and all liquid pairs
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Now any events won't pass by you, even when you sleep

Get 24/7 information from the market at any convenient time. Also stay up to date set of positions and moving large blocks in order book.

  • Access to all trades history for week
  • Convenient data filtering
  • Analytics of all buys and sales
  • Exclusion mechanism "Wash trade"
  • Access to order book history for month
  • Full detalization all orders in order book
  • 7 top exchanges and all liquid pairs
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Subscription price


$12 / month

Use of all features of the service is included


$100 / year

Use of all features of the service is included

- 44$

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